Heart-to-heart Conversations

You talk, they talk. You hear them out, they hear you out. What is being said in that conversation is what’s important because unlike in any other conversation in the world, this stuff is said right from the heart – no alterations, no sugar-coating, no fear of being judged – just the truth. Sometimes, we need a conversation like that more than we realize. Sometimes, we just need to say what we really want to say and we want someone to understand – to just get where we’re coming from. There is always something the other person can say that might change how you’re feeling at that time or they might actually help you feel positive about yourself and your life. People that you can have these heart-to-heart conversations with, are the ones you should be surrounding yourself with because they make you see what you’re not able to see, they make you believe and accept the best version of yourself. You don’t want this conversation to end, it might even make you emotional at some point but once it’s over, you feel like a big weight has been lifted off your shoulders and everything in this world is going to be fine. This is when you know you’re being positive,

How lucky is a person to have someone like that? Very.